CNC precision broach Grinding Machine MG-1800 (Horizontal)


  XYZ axis movement 

   X-axis maximum feed speed 18M/MIN
   X-axis travel 1800mm processed
   Y-axis maximum feed speed 10M/MIN
   Y-axis stroke of 500mm can be processed
   Z-axis maximum feed speed 10M/MIN
   Z-axis stroke of 300mm can be processed

Motor output 

   X servo axis 220V 7kW
   Y servo axis 220V 1.5kW
   Z servo axis 220V 3.5W
   Wheel spindle motor 220V 2.2W
   A axis servo motor 220V 1KW
   Repair sand spindle motor 220V 1/4HP
   Cooling water; cooling machine motor 220V 1/2HP
   Powder filter machine motor 220V 25W

Wheel spindle
     Maximum speed 2000 ~ 8000rpm
     Outer diameter of 100-200mm

Spindle repair sand
     Maximum speed 3400 rpm
     Outside Diameter 150mm
Machine volume W x L x H 5500 * 2200 * 2400mm
Machine weight 9000kg


        1. Gear Ring Broach for automotive parts.

        2. Transmission shaft involute broach for automotive parts.

        3. Involute press type broach for automotive parts.

        4. Spiral broaches.

        5. Broaches for internal teeth broaching for motorcycle parts.

        6. Hammering type rectangular hole broach for pneumatic tool.

        7. Rack broach for door closer.

        8. Keyway broaches,slot broaches,keyway block.

        9. Involute inner-dia.broaches.

Can be produced,We welcome inquiries.

Detailed specifications Download (MG-1800.PDF file)