CNC precision molding plane Grinding Machine SG-8040




Specifications SG-8040 CNC precision molding plane grinding machine(New machine (listed))
General capacity Working surface of table (mm)   400X800 (16"x32")
Max. table travel (mm)   450x860 (18"x34")
Max. surface ground (mm)   400x800 (16"x32")
Max. distance center of spindle to table (mm)   550(22")
Longitudinal Movement Table speed   5 ~ 25m/min(200" ~ 1000"/min)
Table guideway   V & Flat way
Cross Movement Auto. Cross feed   0.1 ~ 20mm/min (0.004"-0.8")
increment approx.    
Rapid power cross feed   1100mm/min (44"/min) 60Hz
(mm/min) apporx.   900mm/min(36"/min) 50Hz
Cross feed on hand wheel 1rev 1gra 5mm (0.2")
Vertical Downfeed Rapid power head elevation 60Hz   260mm(13")/min
approx. [option] 50Hz    
Vertical feed on hand wheel 1rev 1gra 1mm (0.05")
    0.005mm (0.0002")
Auto. Down feed [Option]   0.001mm ~ 0.099mm/Time(0.0001" ~ 0.0999" Time)
Grinding Wheel Wheel speed 60Hz/50Hz   1750R.P.M.(60Hz)/1450R.P.M.(50Hz)
Wheel dimension (mm)   355x50x127mm (14"x2"x5")
Motors Spindle motor   5HP
Hyraulic pump motor   2HP
Auto. Cross feed motor   1/5HP
Rapid head   1/5HP(Option)
elevation motor    
Coolant pump   1/8HP(Option)
Sound pressure level Sound pressure level   低於78db(A)
Weight Machine Net weight Kgs   3250(5830 Lbs)
Packing Gross weight Kgs   3500(6380 Lbs)
Size Machine Floor space (mm)   4000x3000 (136"x79")
Packing dimension   276x228x215
(LxWxH) (cm)   (109"x90"x85")


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